Photo challenge

This blog is not yet fully dead - although I am starting to despair that I will ever have the time to write in it again. I do like to blog, but last months I haven't found the time for it really. Perhaps this changes when/i I get an assignment in Stockholm with less travelling...

Anyway, I got challenged by Mikael today - for a photo challenge. Here is my answer to the challenge:

The challenge was the following - in Swedish:
Gå in i mappen Mina bilder. Gå till den sjätte mappen och välj sedan den sjätte bilden i den aktuella mappen. Släng upp bilden på bloggen och skriv något om den. Utmana sex andra personer och länka till dem, samt tala om att de är utmanade....

Since I am currently in Düsseldorf with only my work-computer I had to take the 6th picture of my 6th folder at PicasaWeb instead, but I guess it's all the same.

The people I challenge is ... hmm ... my dad, my sister and Mårten. Those are the only ones I can think of who are still blogging and that are not already challenged. I know I am cheating, but it's better than noone. :)

So, the photo was taken before summer at my last assignment when a truck caught fire outside our office. Since the firemen got lost it burned down totally before they arrived and put the last of the fire out. Ironically the truck was on it's way to get repaired and only had ~50 meters left to go. Bad luck...

Let's hope it's less than two months until I find the time to write another entry here! :)