Have you ever wondered what you would do if you suddenly find yourself in a foreign city on a street with no money and no idea where you are? This is what I experienced on Thursday morning in Vienna at 5:30 in the morning. After walking around in Vienna for a while and starting to find my directions and an ATM things started looking better. I still had no idea of what to do, but decided to go to Bratislava to get out of Vienna. From Bratislava I could go home by RyanAir or just go to some other place later on.

I started the day in Vienna by meeting an Australian girl lost in Vienna. She had a plane connection in Vienna and had a couple of hours to kill in central Vienna. We must have been the only two people awake in Vienna - the streets were just empty of people and nothing was open (at like 6:45 in the morning). So we just walked around, did some sightseeing and talked (it was mostly she that did the talking though - I don't think I ever met a person talking that much).

When she returned to the airport I decided to go to an Internet cafe to decide what to do. From there I figured out that trains to Bratislava left from Sudbahnhof and that they left every 15 minutes or so. So I took the subway to Sudbahnhof, bought a ticket for Bratislava, got some lunch and then jumped on the train.

On the train I met two americans - Lindsey and Andre - and I've been with them since. We've done some sightseeing in Bratislava and seen the old town, the Devin castle and so on. Very nice. Bratislava is beautiful, but a little bit run down. And the weather was really bad the first two days which gave it all a depressing tone. The nights have been better - the 1. Slovak Pub quickly became our second home where we could get all the slovak food we wanted (Bryndza cheese is really good and apart from that it's mostly meet and other hearty meals. Very good!) and cheap beer. We also went out partying, so now I've seen the slow nightlife of Bratislava as well. But it was good fun though - we were just being silly on the dance floor more or less! :)

Also met a guy from London, so now me, Andre and Neel (the Londoner) are planning on going to Budapest by train. Should take 3 hours, so we should be leaving soon.

Will write more and upload photos when I have the chance!

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