Anything and nothing

Wow. Amazingly long time since I wrote here. This time I'll write what ever comes to mind. I've been thinking about a few blog entries I'd like to write. One of them is a continuation of the previous entry - something along the lines of agile living. This will not be today. Another blog I've been thinking about writing is connected to the book I'm reading right now - Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. I'll probably finish the book before deciding to write about it though - but it is a very interesting book and have many interesting thoughts and concepts that I'd like to talk about. Some day. Not today. I've also been thinking about writing about the previous year. 2007. It was a nice year in many ways and loads of things happened. And I like the notion of summing up the previous year. Perhaps I'll write this today - feels like as good a time as anytime to write it. But it will probably be in a separate entry, this one is just me rambling on about anything and nothing.

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