Instant wisdom

You know how you every time you have a birthday get the question "Well, what does it feel like - being one year older?" and you never have a good answer for that, because really you are just one day older than yesterday or even just a few seconds older than you were the other moment? Well, obviously I got this question when I turned 25 as well, together with the question "What does it feel like to be halfway to 50?". On my birthday I did not know how to answer these question in any other way than "meh".

But as I woke up on the first day of my 25th year - March 15th 2008 - I realized something that should have been so obvious my whole life. It's been there in front of me all the time. I am sure others have noticed, but no one told me and I was to blind or too foolish to see it. The simple truth that I have missed for so long is that my birthday is not just on any random day (approximately 9 months from midsummer of course, but nothing uncommon with that). It's a very special day - it is the pi-day.

March 14th.

I cannot believe I have missed this for so long, and suddenly it is all so clear to me. So turning 25 turned out to be very special. 25 turned out to be the age when I gained instant wisdom.


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AI sa...

... and of course I will from now on always have a birthday cake at 3 PM - 15 - on my birthday. 14/3 15:00. 3-14-15. 3,1415. And the year 2015 will be special for the same reason. 2015-03-14. 03-14-15. 3,1415. And I will probably have my cake at 9:26 on March 14th 2015. 03-14-15 9:26. 3,1415926.

Sorry. ;)

Olle sa...

Another helpful piece of math: you are not only halfway to 50 years old but also one quarter of the way to 100 - that's something that! Only three quarter of the way to go. Or so.