Re-activating blog

I've been thinking for a while that I should start blogging again. I had a period when there was a lot going on - private life, work and everything, but nothing was of the kind I would like to share on the blog. So instead I skipped writing in the blog for a while. And as you all know - once you stop doing something for a while, it's hard getting started again.

So, anyway. Since March 31st loads of things has happened. Short version is I now work and live in Stockholm. Yey!

Slightly longer version is that I am now working in Stockholm with establishing our Stockholm office. I will also work as a consultant with regular assignments at the same time as doing this, but during summer it has been mostly startup work. I also live in Stockholm now - in a small, tiny apartment close to Stadsbiblioteket and Handels. The apartment is really tiny without a real kitchen (but with fridge, micro and toaster - everything i need) and since i got my stuff there this weekend it actually feels like home!

This will have to be enough for now - but more will hopefully follow now that I picked up blogging again. ;)

3 kommentarer:

Olle sa...

Good start - and what is coming next?

Max sa...

That went well...

Unknown sa...

re-activating doesn't seem to be your cup of tea, your kind of cake, your.. ah, well, you get the picture.